Merhaba. Anatolian Realty performs services on the subject of property and real estate sales and related operations only in Turkey.

With our lawyers, experts, qualified personnel specialized in the real estate sector, the aim of our company is to provide professional support to purchases and sales in high quantity , bring the buyer and seller together at the most convenient and the safest point, and protect both parties from loss that incapable resellers or agents may cause.

Anatolian Realty presents its customers legal and safe solutions; protects buyers and sellers’ rights; provides maximum profit to the parties for these operations. When necessary or demanded, the legal feature of the estate to be bought is searched; current value is determined; and the legal procedure of sales operations is completed by Anatolian Real Estate.

Besides the real estates in the portfolio, estates suitable for your budget are searched if demanded, and you are presented the most profitable and proper solutions within this frame.

Anatolian Realty also saves you from unpredictable exorbitant commissions and dangers that incapable, money oriented and amateur agents may cause.

Therefore, contacting to our company means reaching the;

  •     most profitable
  •     best
  •     qualified
  •     most increasing value
  •     most outstanding
  •     most prestigious

real estates with the most attractive terms.

It will be enough just to examine our portfolio or contact us for your estate needs in Turkey, for answers to your questions or for any information you desire.

We are here always with you…